About Youthworks Ministry Support

Youthworks Ministry Support team are experienced advisors who partner with local churches to equip, educate and grow ministries to children, youth and families.

Each member of the team is committed to seeing young people oriented for life with Jesus by building thriving local gospel communities in Sydney and beyond.

Some of the key ways Youthworks provides ministry support include:

  • Creating networks of local youth and children’s ministers who commit to meeting regularly to encourage each other, learn from their collective experience and pray for the work being done in their communities.

  • Meeting one-on-one with individuals or teams to observe current ministries, offer advice and encourage efforts towards growing God’s people in their local setting. Meet your local ministry advisor.

  • Delivering ministry training that equips and encourages those involved in children’s and youth ministry to lead with skill and clarity.

  • Working intensively with future leaders of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney through a coaching program for recent Youthworks College and Moore Theological College graduates.

  • Partnering with local churches to develop clear ministry plans through youth and/or children’s ministry consultancy.

  • Hosting a number of big and small training events every year to challenge and grow youth and children's ministers and leaders in their work.

  • Speaking at your local church and ministry events.

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