Youthworks Ministry Support training for your church

Youthworks Ministry Support offer a number of training options to equip and encourage those involved in ministry to youth and children to lead with skill and clarity. The options move from general (cluster training) to highly specific and ongoing (consultancy).

  • Cluster training / A training session for a group of local churches.

  • Local training / A Youthworks advisors will run an in-depth course to develop the youth and/or children’s ministry in your church.

  • Training Plus / A Youthworks advisors will observe your youth or children’s ministry, provide specific feedback and then run tailored training for the leadership team.

  • Coaching / The Youthworks coaching program is for recent graduates whose role is predominately in youth and/or children’s ministry, and is designed to grow the capacity, skills and wisdom of the candidate.

  • Consultancy / A ministry consultancy is an opportunity for a comprehensive review of your church's youth and children’s ministry, with the aim of developing and strengthening the ministry support structures and the capacity of key staff.

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For more information, or to enquire about booking a course for your church, please email us or phone 02 8268 3355.

Children’s ministry courses

Children's ministry foundations

A Children's ministry with clear purpose and strategy. Great teamwork under effective leadership - this is what we all want! This training starts with the foundational principles and helps participants plan ways to improve and develop their ministry to children. A range of practical tips and skills are also discussed. This module is a great starting point for any team looking to improve their Sunday school, kids club, playgroup or any ministry involving children.

Fostering healthy group dynamics

Group dynamics are a vital factor in any children's ministry - either for good or for bad. In Fostering Healthy Group Dynamics you will consider how the teacher, the environment & the children contribute to the dynamics of your group, and explore ways to manage each of these effectively.

Leading multi-age groups

There are many times when children's ministry leaders are teaching groups of children with a range of ages. This training will consider some foundational principles for leading multi-age groups, as well as some practical ways that leaders can manage and cater for each individual child, no matter what their age!

Understanding how children learn

What are children like and what things contribute to the way they learn? In Understanding How Children Learn you will learn about key developmental features of children at different ages (from ages 2 - 12), what things influence them and what leaders can do to help children learn.

Helping children own and share their faith

Faith like a child. What does this faith look like? How is it expressed? How can children be equipped to share this faith with others? Helping Children Own and Share Their Faith gives you insight into child faith development and how you can help nurture the child in understanding, expressing and living their faith in the context of family, church and community.

Reading the Bible and praying with children

Participants will consider the place of the Bible and Prayer in their ministry to children and develop strategies for reading the Bible and praying with children in developmentally appropriate ways. Participants will also consider practical tips for helping children to read the Bible confidently for themselves.

Preparing a Sunday school lesson

What are the ingredients that make for a great Sunday school lesson? Learn how to structure a Sunday School Lesson in a way that is Bible centred, engaging, fun and developmentally appropriate.

Preparing and delivering a children's talk

Learn how to write and package a children's talk from the Bible in a way that connects with children and helps them engage with and understand God and His Word.

Storytelling the Bible

Explore ways to captivate and engage children through the art of storytelling the Bible. Learn and practice various storytelling techniques that make the Bible stories come alive.

Asking good questions

Discover why asking good questions in children’s ministry can lead to deeper engagement with God’s Word. In this training, participants will explore what makes a question good, how to design good questions, how to create space for children to think more deeply, and creative ways to use questions to engage children in God’s Word.

Answering questions

Kids say the darndest things. They are certainly good at asking curly questions. Answering Questions equips you to know how to deal with children's tough questions and how to continue guiding and forming their faith through their engagement with God's Word and his world.

Music and memory verses

Using music and memory verses in your children's ministry can create a great opportunity for children to explore and engage with God and His Word. Participants will consider different ways to use music and memory verses in their ministry to children.

Ministry to children and families with additional needs

Participants will develop a theological and theoretical framework for thinking about students with special needs; develop an understanding of the relational and medical needs of students with special needs and their families; and be equipped with practical tips for how to create inclusive youth and children’s ministries.

Partnering with parents

The Bible affirms that parents are the primary spiritual caregivers of their children. Partnering with Parents will help you discover the role of church and children's ministry in the faith development of children and their families and equip you with creative ideas to help you effectively minister to the families both inside and outside your church.

Playgroup ministry 

Beginning with Biblical foundations, explore the core goals and structures of an effective playgroup, as well as discussing the common challenges. Helpful for anyone setting up a new playgroup or rejuvenating an established one.

Kids clubs

Kids clubs are often an entry point into church and an important ministry that feeds into a thriving youth program. This training explores the theological issues that underpin the practical choices we make in running kids clubs and equips participants to move forward with clarity as well learning various practical strategies for effective engagement with kids and families.


Course fees are:

  • 0 – 2 hours / $180

  • 2 ­– 4 hours / $240

  • Training Plus / $360

Youth ministry courses

All courses are two hours, except Essentials of youth Bible teaching which is four hours long.

Youth ministry foundations

For any ministry to work it must have clear aims and a strategy to achieve those aims. This course enables ministry teams to take biblical principles and apply them into a simple, systematic approach to youth ministry that provides a framework to reach youth and help them grow up in Christ.

Main meetings that work

Find out how to put together a program that complements your goals and aims. We’ll explore how you can structure your youth group so that it's fun and attractive, but also purposeful so that youth will see and hear the message of Jesus.

Mission culture

There are thousands of young people who have never heard the message of Jesus. How do we reach them? How do we equip our youth to reach their friends? This course tackles how you can grow an effective youth ministry built on a culture of reaching the lost.

Upfront skills

Explore and practice different upfront segments that teach the Bible, encourage prayer and get your group involved. Learn the fundamental principles of presentation and take home some great ideas to use next week at youth group.


Christian leadership is far more than putting together a program and delegating tasks. It is more than just turning up on Friday night and chatting to youth. Explore how we can be godly role models who share our lives and our faith to disciple and mentor young people to follow Christ for life.

Great youth teams

It's not enough to just have good leaders – you need to develop teams that work together. This course is about recognising roles and gifts, and how to use them to create awesome teams that really make a difference. This course can be adapted to work with youth teams or with team leaders.

Effective small groups

Nearly every youth ministry uses small groups as the vehicle for discipleship, pastoral care and relationship building. Analyse the culture of your small groups and ideas you can use straight away. Learn the principles and skill of running a good small group bible study.

Essentials of youth Bible teaching

The teaching time is a fundamental part of a youth group, seeking to mature its members in God’s word. Learn how to understand a passage in context and break it down into the key ideas.

Youth Bible study* 

Learn how to write and package a Bible study in a way that connects with teenagers and helps them to understand God and themselves better.
* You must complete Essentials of youth Bible teaching first

Youth talks*

Learn how to package a talk into a structure that communicates well, and uses different mediums of communication to help youth engage with the word of God.
* You must complete Essentials of youth Bible teaching first

Engaging teaching

We want our young people to hear the word of God in a way that engages their culture, their learning styles, their mind and their heart. This is two hours that will open your eyes to a whole world of potential for teaching young people creatively.


We want youth to have confidence in their faith within a world that objects to Christ. This course will explore different objections to Christianity that youth face. Participants will practice answering these objections within the framework of the Bible, worldview, doctrine and the life of faith.

Intergenerational youth ministry

Explore the biblical and strategic reasons to intentionally connect your youth with other generations in your church. Identify specific opportunities for intergenerational connections and the tools for capitalising on these.

Working with parents

Effective youth ministries support the role of parents as they disciple their children. What might this look like? What if we don't do this? What about youth from non church families? This course will answer these questions and more as we explore the way parents and youth ministry can work together to disciple the next generation


Course fees are:

  • 0 – 2 hours / $180

  • 2 ­– 4 hours / $240

  • Training Plus / $360

Coaching & consultancy

Coaching and consultancy are two opportunities to maximise the ministry impact and effectiveness of your staff.

One of the most significant challenges for gospel workers is implementing effective ministry strategies. In each of these programs, our experienced practitioners will assist your youth and/or children's ministry worker(s) identify and develop key strategies for ministry growth, and walk with them through implementation. The outcome for your church will be a more intentional youth and children's ministry, and staff who are confident and equipped to continue developing the ministry for the future.

We are committed to developing systems of support that combine the resources of Youthworks and the local church to produce ministries that are effective, efficient and sustainable.


The Youthworks coaching program is for recent graduates whose role is predominately in youth and/or children’s ministry, and is designed to grow the capacity, skills and wisdom of the candidate.

Over a 12-month period, a Youthworks advisor will work closely with the candidate on one or two focus areas of learning and development relevant to their role. The cost of the program is $2000.

The coaching program includes:

  • Comprehensive review of the key development area(s)

  • Reading plan relevant to the key development area(s)

  • Development, supervision and review of the ministry plan for the key development area(s)

  • Audit of DM410 or DM411

  • Meet with the Advisor 10 times

  • Experience in a Youthworks Ministry Support event committee

  • Half-yearly feedback to the parish.


A Youthworks ministry consultancy provides is an opportunity for a comprehensive review of your church's children’s and youth ministry, with the aim of developing and strengthening the ministry support structures and the capacity of key staff. Your church will benefit from a more focused ministry strategy, and better equipped staff to grow your youth and children's ministry. 

The consultancy will include leadership support for the senior minister delivered by the Centre for Ministry Development. The cost to the parish is $2,000 for a youth or children’s ministry consult or $3,000 for a youth and children’s ministry consult. The cost of the package is subsidised thanks to the generosity of Youthworks Guardians of Faith.

The consultancy process includes:

  • Review and assessment of current strengths and opportunities for the ministry

  • Working with the leadership team to help lay strong foundations and develop clear strategies, structures and practices that will ensure the ministry is supported, accountable and sustainable

  • Working with the ministry leader to develop a Personal Leadership Plan and Ministry Plan

  • Development of outcomes which are specific, practical, and achievable steps for growth

  • Working with the church leadership to implement the changes needed to achieve the plan

  • Review and assessment of implementation.