See the impact of your investment in young people


You’re changing lives by investing in young people like Mitchel

With your support, Youthworks is helping local churches like St Faith’s Narrabeen encourage their young people to follow Jesus, even when they’re facing pressures from the world


How you’re enabling effective ministry to youth and children

Thank you for making it possible for ministers like Elizabeth to disciple young people and help them become faithful and mature Christians


Through adventure, you’re helping them navigate life

Thanks to your support, young people with physical and intellectual disabilities are enjoying gospel community


The powerful impact of your support on young people of all nations

Thanks to you, youth at St John’s Parramatta are growing into a community of all nations worshipping the Lord Jesus


17 quick and easy games for kids church or SRE classes

Quick and easy games requiring little or no prep that will bring a smile to everyone’s face


This is why analogies of the Trinity fail

How do you communicate the magnitude of God to young people without using metaphors or analogies?


Moving family discipleship from guilt to pleasure

Help move your church away from guilt and towards mutual encouragement through family discipleship

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