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Why SRE and your support is so important

Special Religious Education (SRE) plays a vital role in the holistic education of NSW public school students, helping them form personal moral and ethical frameworks and nurture their faith at school.

For many children, SRE is the only opportunity they get to explore God’s Word and have their spiritual questions answered from the Bible.   

There are more and more kids who come from non-Christian homes and the only way they hear about our Lord Jesus and their loving God is through Special Religious Education.
— Judy, SRE teacher

That’s why Youthworks is so passionate about helping every church provide effective SRE classes in their local schools through best-practice teacher training and age-appropriate curriculum.

Last year, Youthworks trained over 2,000 SRE teachers in areas like:

These teachers will complete further development training this year to help make their SRE teaching more effective.

And thanks to the generosity of people like you who become Guardians of Faith, Youthworks can offer its support and advice to churches and their SRE teachers at little or no cost.


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