Through adventure, you're helping them navigate life

Thanks to your support, young people with physical and intellectual disabilities are enjoying gospel community

Thanks to your support, young people with physical and intellectual disabilities are enjoying gospel community

Do you remember all those friendships and experiences that you took away from school and church camps? The fun and laughter. The faithful leaders who helped you navigate those deep questions about life.

Thanks to people like you, over the last 20 years, young people with physical and intellectual disabilities have been able to enjoy all these blessings too!

By supporting the Youthworks Wheelchairs Rule OK! camp, this year you enabled 23 youth to have the chance to be themselves and try activities that they don’t get to try anywhere else. You gave them the chance to enjoy the adventure of life, by providing a safe and welcoming community where gospel conversations flourish.

As Chris Pullen, a volunteer since doing Youthworks’ Year 13 gap year program in 2014, shares":

WROK is such an awesome opportunity to share the gospel with youth who get to enjoy themselves, but often don’t get the gospel tailored to their needs. So, it’s really good to give that to them.

Just imagine, 23 young people with intellectual and physical disabilities growing in faith and participating in activities such as rock climbing, ropes courses, dancing, singing, and catapults. Accomplishments that some would have never dreamt of experiencing, and it’s all thanks to your belief in their value.

Getting the chance to hear talks and Bible studies pitched at their level of understanding, these young people can also explore their questions about faith and experience the true joy of being in Christ.

Volunteer, Ben Berckelman, also a Year 13 graduate, recalls, “The way the group bonded and supported each other was really cool. They were always looking out for each other, and they asked some really good questions. We were going through Two Ways To Live and one of the campers asked if Jesus forgives us for everything, or can you be so bad that he can’t forgive you. It was good to be able to talk about the thief on the cross, and how he was forgiven despite everything he had done.”

From our team of volunteers, and on behalf of the attendees themselves, thank you for making WROK camp possible. For many, WROK brings real, lasting joy through gospel community like they’ve never experienced before.

Volunteer leader, Siobhan Richardson shares, “These kids call each other brother and sister sometimes, they’ll be like ‘This is my family’ … we have some foster kids come, and some that come from non-Christian families which is amazing.”

Your support reaches out to those who often miss out … young people from all walks of life, reminding them they are loved and ultimately pointing them to the greatest love of all in Jesus. Thank you!