The powerful impact of your support on young people of all nations

Thanks to your support, youth at St John’s Parramatta are growing into a community of all nations worshipping the Lord Jesus

Thanks to your support, youth at St John’s Parramatta are growing into a community of all nations worshipping the Lord Jesus

When Ronaldo was appointed as an assistant minister at St John’s Anglican Cathedral Parramatta, he was tasked with leading the youth ministry called Engage.

He had limited experience leading a young adults congregation, and in addition to the usual challenges youth ministry presents, Ronaldo also had to navigate the challenges of a multicultural group. He shares:

“We have youth from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the subcontinent attending each week. Many of our teenagers were born overseas and arrived in Australia as young children.

“Many of our youth have immigrant parents who have endured poverty and hardship.  Understandably, these parents want their children to embrace the richness and freedoms Australia enjoys, encouraging hard work and discipline in their studies. Therefore many of our youth have deep anxiety about achievement and marks, believing they lead to security and satisfaction.

“This also results in our young people coming to Engage, but not participating, because their minds are stuck on their studies.”

Ronaldo was so relieved to connect with Ed Springer, head of Youthworks’ Ministry Support team. The online resources and onsite training Youthworks offered were just the help Ronaldo needed to begin building an effective ministry to these youth. Ronaldo continues…



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“Ed has done three of Youthworks’ training courses with us. I have written copious notes in his outlines and I turn to them often. More than ever, our leaders have a clear idea of where their small groups should be heading, and a useful tool in writing and packaging Bible studies.

“I am thankful for Youthworks and their encouragement to build a congregation of disciples, not just to seek to execute a great youth program.”

 Now, because of the impact friends like you can have through Youthworks, Ronaldo gets to witness the young people he leads becoming influencers for the kingdom of God on a global scale. He concludes:

“Our leaders are excited about seeing our youth steadily grow into a community of all nations worshipping the Lord Jesus. It is so exciting when a teenage boy meets with a leader to discuss how he can share Jesus with his cousin who has just arrived from mainland China.

“Overall, it is exciting when we have the awareness and courage to use our unique situation for the advancement of the kingdom.”

Thank you for your partnership to orient more young people to a life in Christ. God bless you for your generosity and prayers!