Your partnership helps students discover Jesus

SRE Teachers equipped and ready to teach kids about Jesus in 2019

SRE Teachers equipped and ready to teach kids about Jesus in 2019

As the current social climate is seeking to restrict religious freedom, SRE in schools is a great example of God’s hand at work. It’s an important work because 46% of young people in SRE classes who aren’t able to attend church regularly said that their SRE class is the main place they learn about Jesus and God.

Thanks to your generosity, Youthworks has been commended as the leader in SRE curriculum provision and SRE teacher training. It’s vital that we continue to lead the way in the delivery of worldclass SRE lessons in our schools – and we’re committed to giving teachers the best possible training to do this. I’ve been consistently encouraged by the number of classroom teachers who’ve shared how much they appreciated a well-run SRE lesson.

Most importantly, I’m sure you join me in cherishing the opportunity that SRE gives in allowing students to explore life’s bigger questions, to question faith, and to discover how the Bible makes sense of life.

But of course, Youthworks is far more than just SRE. Youthworks exists to see an effective youth and children’s ministry in every church – and your support makes it possible for kids, teenagers, and young adults to hear the gospel and respond passionately.

With such a diversity of ministries helping to orient young people for life in Christ, I’m so thankful for your generosity that sustains and advances this important work. Thank you for playing such an important role in helping the next generation follow Jesus!