You helped train 1,400 SRE teachers!

SRE Teachers Gabriel, Zac and Jess are thankful for your support!

SRE Teachers Gabriel, Zac and Jess are thankful for your support!

The fact that we still have SRE in public schools to teach children about the Christian faith is such a privilege. So, we must make the most of it by equipping teachers to be effective ministers of God’s word in this unique context.

And that’s what you’re helping do through your generous support!

Your support enabled the largest-ever conference of SRE teachers to be equipped and encouraged through the annual SRE Conference in February. This training event was run by the Youthworks Ministry Support team to help primary and high school SRE teachers, and their helpers. Across two full days, the conferences in Wollongong and Sydney delivered crucial training to around 1,400 SRE teachers and helpers.

Rev Sandy Grant of St Michael’s Cathedral in Wollongong encouraged the teachers with a message inspired by Psalm 61, and shared:

“It’s obvious that some [of our SRE students] come from very varied backgrounds, but all need to know that God is a refuge. Psalm 61 says he’ll be with those who cry out to him no matter how low they feel ... When you’re alone, or weak, or afraid, there’s Someone to hear, Someone to protect, and Someone to comfort you. You can teach your kids that, when no one else will listen, God will hear the cry of their heart.”

Ed Springer, Head of the Youthworks Ministry Support team, gave a motivating talk on the status of SRE and shared that 47% of SRE teachers at the conference have been able to share Jesus’ love with school children for more than 10 years. Friends like you helped make that happen!

You may be surprised by another research result that was shared at the conference, that 46% of young people in SRE classes who don’t attend church regularly said that SRE is the main place they learn about Jesus and God. And that’s why your support is so vitally important … because you help make these classes possible.

You’ll be encouraged to hear what SRE teacher Robin shares about why she’s so committed to this ministry. She teaches children at Belrose Public School and Kambora Public School, and explains:

The 2019 Sydney SRE COnference

The 2019 Sydney SRE COnference

“I started teaching Scripture to young children in the 1950s after I was confirmed at St Luke’s Mosman at [age] 14, and had a class of my own. I’ve been doing it for over 50 years. It’s just so important for [young people] to learn about Christ.”

Like Robin, the children you’re teaching about Christ today could be leading others forward for life! Thank you so much for your generosity that trains and empowers these passionate teachers to make the most of the opportunity God has given us through SRE!

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