God works powerfully through your support of young people

Moore College Lecturer Lionel Windsor Discovered Jesus through SRE

Moore College Lecturer Lionel Windsor Discovered Jesus through SRE

Lionel Windsor, a lecturer at Moore College in Sydney, recently reflected on his journey of faith as a young person. He knows that his experience in SRE classes and at church as a young person have brought him to where he is today – an ordained minister, training others to teach the Bible.

Lionel’s faith journey began in primary school:

“I grew up in a household that was not Christian, but I attended Scripture classes. In Year 6, I had a Scripture teacher, Mrs Round, who spent most of the year talking about the fact that we can be right with God through what Jesus has done for us. Through her, I came to realise that I could have a personal faith in God and I became a Christian!’

Lionel is one of the countless people who have had the chance to discover Jesus at school. And his faith journey continued – plus it had a wonderful twist!

Mrs Round also taught Scripture at the high school I went on to attend, and she had a lunchtime group she got together. She gave me a book to help me grow in my faith, and I took it home. My mum ended up picking up the book, reading it, and deciding to become a Christian too!

Soon after, Lionel’s dad also became a Christian, and his sister also found faith through Scripture at school. The whole family started attending a local Anglican Church, where they were supported and followed up as they grew in their faith.

Lionel is so thankful for the impact that Mrs Round had in his life, remembering, “She just loved people; it was so obvious.”

Mrs Round – and the church community that invested in Lionel and his family – knew that faith flourishes when young people are supported through every step of life.

Just like Mrs Round your support is playing a vital role – so that many more young people like Lionel can be supported and encouraged at school and at church as they follow Jesus.

As Lionel says, “SRE gave me the peace and security of knowing that God loves and accepts me because of Jesus.”

Thank you for your support to help more young people experience God’s love and be oriented for a life in Christ!