Amelia says: “I am truly, eternally grateful.”


Amelia is a fresh graduate of Youthworks College, and her testimony shows why your support of this ministry is so important:

“Youthworks College opened me up to a deeper way of understanding Scripture. I began to see how each book of the Bible connects to the others and ultimately finds their fulfilment in Christ and his kingdom. Youthworks gave me the tools to read and teach the Bible faithfully.

“The skills I learnt at Youthworks have given me the confidence to boldly teach God’s word across a multitude of settings.

“I am so grateful to God for the theological training I received at Youthworks. It has laid the foundation of my life and my ministry on God and his word and for that I am truly, eternally grateful.”

Since completing her studies, Amelia has been working as the Children’s Ministry Worker at Hope Anglican Church in Leppington.

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