Become a Guardian of Faith for young people

With 40% of young people walking away from faith by the time they leave home, it’s crucial that we do all we can to invest in their spiritual growth while we can!

As a Guardian of Faith, your monthly gifts will help young people to keep following Jesus so that they remain faithful disciples into adulthood.


Your gifts will keep SRE strong through continued training of teachers and development of curriculum … and will also invest into the faith of young people through creating effective youth and children’s ministry in their local churches.

Young people need the investment of mature Christians to help their faith flourish and grow. Lionel Windsor, lecturer at Moore College, remembers the support of his Scripture teacher Mrs Round:

Mrs Round also taught Scripture at the high school I went on to attend, and she ran a lunchtime group. She gave me a book to help me grow in my faith, and I took it home. My mum ended up picking up the book, reading it, and deciding to become a Christian too!

Lionel is so thankful for the impact that Mrs Round had in his life, remembering, “She just loved people; it was so obvious.”

Mrs Round – along with caring people like you who invested in Lionel when he became a Christian – knew that faith flourishes when young people are supported through every step of life.

So please, become a Guardian of Faith today – so that many more young people like Lionel can be supported and encouraged at school and at church as they follow Jesus.

Thank you for becoming a Guardian of Faith!
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